Our Church

Brooks Of Life Ministries International envisions becoming a successful regional, national and international urban mission organisation, that is effectively ministering in local churches for City transformation.
Our success will be measured, not only by the actual lives that are changed, but also by the increasing number of individuals, ministries and churches that we help to become more effective. Changing agents in their cities.

The mission of brooks of life ministries international is to foster spiritual transformation, digging the wells of revival, in strategic cities in united kingdom, all over europe, africa, america and other parts of the world as the lord leads.
Our aim is to follow the example of our lord jesus christ as recorded in (Luke 4:43)NKJV “we must preach the kingdom of god to other cities also, because for this purpose we have been sent”
Thus its our commitment to penetrate and saturate major urban areas with the gospel of the kingdom and so we believe in missions long term and short term.