Our Vision is
To provide Orphans in the African countries starting with Kenya with the education, housing, medical, and other social services necessary to ensure that they become self-sufficient adults.

Our Mission
To develop housing, educational, nutritional and spiritual programs that support the total development of Orphans living in the African country of Kenya and other numbering countries.

History of our Organization
Brooks Children’s Trust is an outreach ministry of Brooks Of Life Ministries International which was started by Bishop Annie Njeri in the year 1997. Brooks Children’s Trust is operated under the guidance and direction of our dedicated staff and faithful volunteers.

Bishop Annie conceived this vision and burden to minister to this under privileged children when she lived and served God in Kenya, Africa. When she came to United Kingdom where God called her to continue digging spiritual wells of revival, she did not forget all about this precious lives.

This part of ministry has continued and the demand increases especially with what has been happening in Africa for the last few years with the disaster of AIDS which has swept across Africa leaving many children very venerable without parents. Most of them only to be left under the tender care of their old grand mothers, brothers and sisters or other family members who are also struggling in life.

For a number of years, Brooks Destiny Children Trust has provided economic and spiritual support for over 100 children over the years. Some of these children have finished school and now working. Others are married with families and yet the vision continues. The two youngest children are now in pre-school.

Brooks Children’s Trust receives direct support from Bishop Annie and other faithful donors and well wishers with materials such as clothes, shoes, books etc.
Brooks Children’s Trust are between the ages of 3 and 20years.
Many of them are siblings of one another related through blood or marriage. Many of the children suffer with medical, physical and psychological/emotional conditions that require treatment and evaluation from time to time. This is mainly caused by their background.. Our goal for the children is and always will be the children total self-sufficiency.

Our main aim at this time is to raise funds to buy a land and build a structure in order to be of a better help to this needy children.

A land has been found which is costing 75 thousand pounds with the current price. Our children in Kenya are praying to God for provision and asking for your kind generosity to give financially towards this need.

After securing the land our aim is to build a Vocational Centre to equip them with all the necessities in-order to provide better lifestyle for these precious children. We believe some of the children will be employed while others will be self employed.

Whatever God would lay in your heart know that it’s highly appreciated and God will reward you always Ecclesiastes 11:1 Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.